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Technology has reached a point where everyday individuals can purchase an entry-level laser cutter & engraver for an affordable price. Use your C02 laser cutter at home, school, or office. And get your creativity to the next level with personalized gifts and creative art projects. Laser cutting can be used in professional industries as well, like engineering, electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries.

The Benefits
Why cut with a light beam?

Laser cutting is fun and satisfying, and it gives you the ability to explore your creative sides and helps you get ideas to life. But what is laser cutting, and what are the benefits of getting your hands on such a machine? In short, a laser cutter is a machine that cuts or engraves in some materials without a blade. It cuts with a concentrated beam of light. Sounds cool, isn't it?


Yes we do! We are proud to offer for you totally free and insured shipping to the continental united states.

We offer a 12-month warranty on every laser cutter we carry. Pease feel free to contact us at for all your warranty related matters.

CO2 Laser - This happens when electricity runs through a gas-filled tube, and the tube of gases is surrounded by mirrors that reflect the light and make sure that no light escapes, which results in the light building in intensity.

Fiber laser - Fiber lasers use optical fibers "pumped" with diodes to create a solid-state laser.

Most higher quality desktop lasers are made with the CO2 laser technology.

In short, the answer is not at all! Not just it isn't bad, but according to some, it is even helpful to reduce pollution and helps make the world green again. And here is why

1. Production is on a small scale and locally; therefore, no shipping is required (at least not international shipping), which is a tremendous benefit considering that the main source of greenhouse gas is transportation.

2. Less waste than traditional marking, stamping, and cutting. It doesn't leave waste, and it rather makes the material resolve in the air. Additionally, the machine itself does not require a lot of replacement, and one laser tube can handle 15 years of cutting as opposed to blade cutting that has to be replaced often.

3. Energy reduction is a great way to keep our planet green, and when you use a laser cutter, you will use less energy per project. It also can help you sometimes complete your whole project with the same machine, such as cutting, marking, and engraving, so less machinery is used, which means less energy to power up those machinery.

Laser cutters can be dangerous for kids (and even for adults) if they are low quality.

Luckily there are a few home laser systems that were created for educational purposes. With kids in mind. one of them is MakeBlock laserBox that features a 40W CO2 laser, a rotary option (to engrave on cylinder-shaped items such as mugs). It has robust safety features in place, such as if you open the lid, the machine pauses the job, and it has an advanced Early Warning System in place to detect unsafe situations and make you aware. Other safe-for-kids devices are the Flux laser series and the Gweike cloud, a fantastic laser cutter for rock bottom pricing.

We cannot give you an exact number because it depends on a lot of factors and it vary by material.

But as a general rule of thumb you need about ten watt of laser power for each millimeter of acrylic or wood you want to cut.

There are tons of great features your cutter can benefit from but the most helpful ones are.

1. Autofocus

2. Air assist

3. Fume Extractor

4. Big work space (or a passthrough slot)

5. Safety features (and FDA approved safety class)

6. Easy and custom software

7. Live preview camera

8. Rotary (for cylinder shaped items)

A few other things to take into consideration is speed, precision, laser power, and material recognition (pre-sets).

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